Angama Mara


“A safari lodge atop this particular hilltop has been a 30-year dream for Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald, the legendary South African couple whose experience and warmth gave birth to some of the continent’s finest safari experiences. It’s guaranteed to knock everyone’s socks off.”

Ann-Rebecca Laschever
Executive Vice President

Angama Mara is an all-new safari camp in one of the most ideal locations in all of Africa, literally hanging from the rim of the Masaai Mara hilltop where “Out of Africa” was filmed, and where the annual migrations are at their most breathtaking. An awe-inspiring panorama spreads below the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows of each elegantly minimalist tented suite. Yes, there’s a pool and exercise room and gorgeous dining areas – but this new lodge aims to expel the frou-frou and revert to the opulent simplicity of the safaris of the 1920’s. Angama Mara is a combination of the finest hospitality, clean design, splendidly friendly cuisine, and the finest interpretative safari guiding in the entire continent.

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