Zürich Tourism


"Long thought of as the city of somber banks and somber bankers, Zürich is actually one of Europe's most charming and lively cities, with its romantic Altstadt (old town), chic shopping, world-class dining, magnificent museums, eclectic nightlife and gorgeous location between the mountains and Lake Zürich."

Geoffrey Weill

Zürich, home to close to a half-million residents, is a city of ancient churches, world-class hotels, contemporary museums, Christmas markets, extraordinary shopping, jazz clubs and Europe’s first opera house to boast electric lighting. It has a vibrant gastronomic scene – 15 of the city’s restaurants have one or two Michelin stars, and the city is known for its amazing chocolate stores. Lake Zürich is ideal for cruises, swimming and sailing. The city is also a major destination for LGBTQ travelers. And, every August, the city so many long thought as staid is home to the world’s largest Techno Party, known as Street Party.​



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