"What sets us apart," says company president, Geoffrey Weill, "is that this company was founded, and continues to be run and staffed, by people, like me, who simply enjoy writing about travel, about hotels, about the romance of taking a vacation…

–Geoffrey Weill, Founder and President

"As the youngest child of a pioneer travel writer, I was the one who got to stay home and get the dolls and snow globes from far-flung places. When I turned fifteen, I tossed the dolls and set out on my own. I’m still trying to make up for the first 15 years at home…"

-Ann-Rebecca Laschever, Senior Vice President

"They may not have Don Draper (star character of AMC's 'Mad Men') on their side, but they do employ Geoffrey Weill Associates, Inc., a top New York public relations firm that represents many of the world's most luxurious resorts."

- Jessica Portner, The Faster Times, July 2009

"We are this eclectic grouping of individuals who can think of few things more pleasurable than waxing lyrical about the perfect hotel or the most divine meal... people who get a kick out of enthusing others about travel, and who, of course, are passionate about traveling themselves."

–Geoffrey Weill, Founder and President