Setouchi Cominca Stays


"A unique collection of elegant, traditional Japanese homes originally built between 100 and 250 years ago (cominca translates as 'old house'), Setouchi Cominca Stays are now available to travelers for exclusive-use rental. Located in the remote, small towns of Shobara and Uchiko, the five Cominca Stays combine authentic Japanese architectural features (wood-timbered roofs and engawa, wooden porch-like corridors bordering the rooms of the cominca) with modern conveniences and 21st-century comforts."

Mark Liebermann
Senior Vice President

Designated as Japan’s first national park, the Setouchi region of western Japan is known for its natural beauty, pristine mountain ranges and the famed Seto Inland Sea, dotted with more than 700 remote islands. Nestled within this lushly forested region are a series of historic cultural properties that have been meticulously restored and opened as Setouchi Cominca Stays.



All of the exclusive-use villas in the Setouchi Cominca Stays portfolio feature such authentic, traditional Japanese architectural and design elements as handmade washi wallpaper, tatami mats and ancient timber-framed roofs, while also boasting all of the amenities of a modern Japanese hotel (automated toilets, modern kitchen, oversized bathtubs and air conditioning/heating).

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