"We are thrilled that, after six years, Medjet has come back to us. I know from personal experience, following a medical transport from Machu Picchu, that Medjet is the pinnacle of getting it done right."

Geoffrey Weill

Medjet is the industry leader in travel protection and medical transport. Medjet differentiates itself from other players in the market through its commitment to arrange air medical transfer, regardless of medical necessity, to the member’s hospital of choice at home or anywhere in the world. Most medical evacuation plans – even those offered by the most prestigious companies and credit cards – provide evacuation merely to the nearest hospital. The Medjet ethos is that in a medical emergency, travelers should not be stuck in a faraway hospital but rather transported home, to a hospital and medical team they know and trust. Medjet also provides an array of additional offerings including coverage for college students, bikers and security recommendations in an ever-more insecure world.

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