In Villas Veritas

“In the age of Covid, when well-heeled travelers are looking for a high-end alternative to the luxury hotel experience, In Villas Veritas is the perfect answer—exclusive properties with world-class service in private homes, castles and islands, that allow families or ‘pod’ groups to vacation in complete luxury, privacy and security.”

Ann-Rebecca Laschever
Executive Vice President

Marking its 25th anniversary in 2022, In Villas Veritas (IVV) was founded by Laura Blair at the urging of her high-net-worth friends, who had long been relying on her expertise in finding the perfect villa or hideaway in America, Europe, the Caribbean or Asia. IVV specializes in securing private access to villas, houses, castles, schlosses and hideaways not listed on the plethora of standard vacation-rental website, and includes a plethora of services including private chefs, activities, drivers and more. IVV lists villas and exclusive homes throughout the Caribbean, the United States, Central America and Europe, and also specializes in making private islands in Europe, the Caribbean and the Maldives available to its clients.

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