French Affaires

“French Affaires gives us the travel experience we all strive for: an authentic, insider’s journey through la belle France.”

Beth Levin
Assistant Vice President

Brainchild of native Texan and France travel expert Elizabeth Seitz, French Affaires offers curated trips to France that celebrate French culture, language and l’art de vivre.


Elizabeth Seitz curates and leads the company’s small group journeys herself, offering travelers immersive and authentic experiences, whether it be wine tasting in Bordeaux, eating through Corsica, discovering the secrets of Paris, or antique shopping in Provence. Guests hobnob with chateau owners, tour renowned sites with historians, stay at charming 5-star boutique hotels, explore quaint villages, visit artists’ studios and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants.


French Affaires also designs bespoke trips, creating tailored itineraries and customized experiences. French Affaires also offers immersive experiences in the U.S., including French language courses, wine tastings and cooking classes.

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