Baur au Lac


“Most boys had fathers who talked to them about football. Mine talked to me about hotels…and he always considered Zürich’s Baur au Lac as the absolute ultimate.”

Geoffrey Weill

Long considered one of the world’s finest, the Baur au Lac is one of Europe’s few grand hotels that is still family-owned. Founded in 1844 by Johannes Baur, the original building still forms the heart of the hotel. Positioned on the shore of Lake Zurich adjacent to the elegant Bahnhofstrasse, the more than 170 year-old Baur au Lac has been Zurich’s home-away-from-home of countless kings, queens, emperors, presidents, composers, authors, actors, celebrities and business moguls. 170-years-old it may be, but it exudes, freshness, superb design, utter comfort. Michelin-star fare, the annual Art In The Park festival, and discreet, professional and welcoming service.

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